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Optimizing Global Supply Chain With Air Freight

Optimizing Global Supply Chain With Air Freight

Moving freight across the country or the globe is now made more accessible and faster. Most businesses can respond to market demands quickly and can optimize their global supply chain. Let’s talk about this in detail.  

How to improve your business’s global supply chain?

Attaining global supply chain excellence requires easily visible business processes, specifically those that could substantially affect the local workforces and markets. Any business must have increased logistic agility to ensure that the products reach the end customer in a cost-effective and timely manner. 

Speed is the key, and air freight is the solution. It plays a critical part in operating an efficient supply chain as the process is straightforward. There are other shipping options; what makes air freight superior over them?

Benefits of Air Freight Shipping

Aside from the speed, there are other benefits that you can enjoy when you opt for air freight shipping. 

Speed and access

The majority of air freight forwarders have a large-scale network of airlines that serve domestic and international locations. You can easily freight cargoes and parcels to your customers wherever they are on the globe. 

Reliable and has added safety

Weather is sometimes the cause of delay when delivering goods. But with air transport, it has the lowest possibility of a hindrance. Besides, if a flight is missed, the freight can usually get on a later flight and still arrive at its destination on time. There is also less risk of theft and damage. The TSA closely monitors airports; the cargo frequently travels only on one plane from origin to destination.

Minimal warehousing requirements and inventory carrying cost

The freight spends less time in the warehouse when deliveries are fast. It means fewer expenses in storing goods. Moreover, air shippers maintain smaller inventories and ship on tighter schedules. This results in minimal warehousing space and requirements.

Air Freight Options

Another more significant advantage of air freight is you have several shipping options. This will allow you to find the best one that suits your business. 


This one offers the greatest cost savings due to the potential for longer transit times. With deferred, the shipment is postponed until there is available space on the aircraft. It is ideal for lower priority freight as the shipper often waits for cargoes from three to five business days. However, this type of shipment still operates regularly, so there is not much delay. 

Consolidated shipping

This option has better rates because of a larger shipment of goods. In detail, cargo is shipped with several other shippers prior and moves on a set schedule. It is best to opt for a bigger provider with regular shipment to avoid delays or added costs. 

Next flight out

Also referred to as expedited shipping, it is the fastest air cargo shipping option but also the most costly. And as the name suggests, the parcels are shipped as soon as a flight is available. This is good when you need to locate capacity at the last minute and ensure that the timelines are met.

Final Thoughts

A fast, reliable, and flexible air sipping service is needed to improve your business’s global supply chain. There is no doubt that air freight is the solution to a thriving business. This is why you should be careful in finding a domestic and international shipping partner. Choose Velox Express when in need of a shipping solution. 

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