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The Top Five Advantages of Using Air Freight

The Top Five Advantages of Using Air Freight

Annually, goods worth trillions of dollars are transported around the globe via air freight. This has played a significant role in the constant expansion of air freight transport. Generally, air freight is known to be the best transport alternative for low-volume and high-value shipments.

The benefits of air transport are very many, not just with the convenience and speed of delivery. This mode of transportation is the preferred choice for many industries, such as interior design, agriculture, electronics, automotive, and many more.

Below are the top five benefits of cargo air freight services.

1. The fastest shipping method

The main benefit that shippers gain when using air mode of transport is speed. Airfreight shipping can be as fast as same-day delivery. Generally, cargo airplanes cruise at an approximate pace of 800 kilometers per hour. Thus, making it the best mode of transport for shipping goods from one point to the other fast.

2. Low insurance premium

Shipping goods by air tends to take a short time compared to road or sea. Thus, people using air freight pay low insurance premiums since products are in shipment for a shorter period. Although the actual air freight price might be higher than other options, you can save money on other realms such as low air cargo insurance costs. Furthermore, you can also save money on packaging since air transport is safer than sea freight services.

3. Services are available everywhere at anytime

Airlines across the globe have a bigger network of destinations, covering almost the entire planet. Even the most remote areas can be accessed by air. The routes for truck, sea, and rail freight usually involve major transportation networks, leaving some countries inaccessible. And since airlines cover almost the whole planet, it can be easy for people to send their air freight containers anywhere conveniently.

4. Reduced risk of theft and top-notch security

Air freight services take security and safety a top priority since the goods involved are of high-value. Air terminals and cargo receiving area are highly secured and monitored, reducing the risk of theft and damage. Furthermore, products are shipped with minimal handling, making air freight one of the safest shipping options. At the airport, goods are cleared within hours since control over the products’ safety is tightly managed.

5. Tracking

It is easy for people to track their shipment because there is always a flight number and information about the plane’s departure and arrival. Furthermore, freight forwarders provide a web-based application for tracking the shipments. Thus, one can monitor the real-time status of the cargo, from departure to arrival.

As a TSA approved Indirect Air Carrier (IAC), VēLOX Express can arrange your air cargo to ship regionally, nationally and internationally on the next flight out– meeting your specialized needs for expedited, long-distance deliveries.

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