Services we Provide

Local and Regional Delivery

All logistics provider are background checked, drug tested, driving record verified, HIPAA certified, BBP trained, and TSA approved. Also, all our logistics providers are uniformed with company-issued photo identification. Additionally, they are GPS tracked and utilize the most industry tested mobile transportation management software that includes electronic signatures, email notifications upon pick and delivery

Routine Daily Delivery Services

Routed / Routine Daily Delivery Services are completed around the clock. Both small and big names in business rely on VēLOX Express to pick up and deliver their products 24/7/365. A VēLOX Sales professional is ready to design a delivery service suited for you and your budget

Indirect Air Carrier Service

Air Freight Services offer VēLOX customers even more options. VēLOX Express is honored to be a TSA approved Indirect Air Carrier (IAC) and can arrange your air cargo to ship regionally, nationally and internationally on the next flight out – meeting your specialized needs for expedited, long-distance deliveries. Why drive when you can fly for less?


Your customers expect their deliveries to be completed in a timely, professional manner. The last mile of a delivery is your customers’ final impression of your business. We understand how critical that last mile can be for your business. We offer cost-beneficial analysis that effectively demonstrates and ultimately enhances your relationship with your customers.