How To Book A Pickup And Delivery

  1. Call us at (877) 835-6946
  2. Have the following information available:
    • Pickup address & Delivery address
    • Type of service requested
    • Description of package
    • Contact information for driver to use until package is delivered
Yes. We have a very comprehensive list of qualified agents ready to assist you 24/7/365. Our agent network extends from coast to coast.

Yes. We would be happy to look at your current distribution and do our best to identify a more efficient process.

Yes. In fact, many of our medical facility clients request that we train our drivers to directly replace their in-house drivers because our company drivers possess more diverse driving backgrounds. We have even created and implemented training programs for some of our clients.

Yes. Like any other responsible courier service, we must have a fuel surcharge. We operate fairly by using a standardized index that may decrease or increase with fuel prices. We can fold a portion of the surcharge into your base rate to better estimate your total transportation costs.

Yes. We offer several standard levels of local/regional courier service to include:

  • STAT (90 minutes)
  • Express (2 hours)
  • Standard (4 hours)
  • Economy (Same Day or Overnight)

We also offer Expedited service anywhere across the United States.

Yes. VēLOX Express is a TSA Approved Indirect Air Carrier (IAC). If you meet the appropriate requirements, we can absolutely get that package on an aircraft and on its way to you via our Next Flight Out (NFO) Service.

Yes. and yes.. We complete routed work for several of the largest names in business today. Feel free to contact us for any of your current or future routed needs.

Yes. Our drivers wear uniforms and display photo ID badges at all times.