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5 Reason Why You Should Use An On-Time Courier for Your Deliveries

5 Reason Why You Should Use An On-Time Courier for Your Deliveries

The ideal courier for you and your business should eliminate all the hassles associated with delays or items going missing entirely. On-time couriers beat standard mail delivery services on any day and perhaps twice on a Sunday. In this regard, their superiority is because of their prompt deliveries, real-time tracking, and responsive customer service, among others.

When you choose an on-time courier over a standard delivery service like USPS, you’ll benefit a great deal from the bespoke service offered by an on-time courier like Velox Express. With that said, if you want a hassle-free method to deliver packages and mail anywhere in the country, you should consider hiring an on-time courier.

But first, do you know what courier services entail and how they differ from conventional postal services? Let’s shed light on that for a sec.

What Is A Courier Service and How Does It Differ from A Postal Service?

A courier is a type of service that allows you to send or receive a parcel, letter, or any other form of consignment from one location to another. The multiple shipping and delivery provisions availed by courier services distinguish them from traditional mailing services. Often, people use couriers for last-mile deliveries.

Using the definition given above, it would seem that the United States Postal Service (USPS) should be categorized as a courier. Or should it?

Well, there’s a subtle difference. For starters, making time-sensitive deliveries is one of the primary selling points of most courier services. Although USPS provides services like Priority Mail at an additional cost, couriers typically have speedy delivery as part of their main offering. Ask anyone, but a courier’s same-day delivery beats the regular mail’s one or two-day delivery options.

Benefits of Courier Services

Courier services can make a huge difference in your business and enable you to enjoy more significant profit margins. Here is why.

Safeguarded transportation

Couriers are more preferred as they assure customers that their parcels will arrive promptly, enabling their business to run smoothly. Also, they handle products with special care.

In case of damages, the company takes full responsibility to avoid incurring extra losses; parcels are carried with extra caution and reach the customers while intact. Courier services have also proved convenient as items are rarely stolen or pilfered while under their care.

Shipment of large and bulk items

The beauty of courier services is that they don’t have a size restriction limitation. Clients can send any parcel, from small to extensive.

Better still, you can send and receive packages both on local and international fronts. Most of the small parcel companies have linked giant cargo companies to the shipment of large containers.

Easy Tracking and Delivery options

Most customers prefer speedy deliveries depending on the urgency they have. Lucky enough, courier services provide different shipment options that suit all customers.

Express delivery options usually take a maximum of 3-5 days or a minimum of 1 day. Companies like DHL, FEDEX are perfect examples of companies offering such services. However, you’ll have to chip deep into your pockets for their next-day delivery options as they are not cheap. It favors Ecommerce clients whose cases are for emergency needs.

An independent courier might be off many people’s radars, but they are worth investigating as they specialize in fast shipment. They also offer online tracking tools to trace all your items from the point of origin to the destination’s end. That said, you can rest assured your items will not be stolen or lost on the way.


What distinguishes courier services from postal services is the ability to depend on them and rely on their benefits entirely. They offer catered services and are always getting to know your needs better.

Aside from personalized services, businesses can easily rely on courier services in case of any irregularities happening. It’s easy for small business owners to panic and asks themselves endless questions when things go wrong.

Courier services have most incidents covered under comprehensive insurance policies. The cover is a lifesaver to customers and businesses, no matter how lightweight or heavy-weight your packages are.


As much as other shipping options exist and can help you with logistics, most of them have many caveats.

One reason is that they offer so many methods of shipping, prices, and packing that it takes ages for you to figure out which one suits you perfectly. Couriers are easy to use and will save you time by understanding your individual needs. You will also don’t have to drive to the post office and cue in a line to waiting for them to serve you.

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