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Same-Day Delivery for Convenience and Reliability

Same-Day Delivery for Convenience and Reliability

Velox Express specializes in same-day delivery for a wide range of courier services. It offers personalized solutions that exceed your service expectations.

STAT Service

STAT service was Velox’s original service offering. Short for the Latin word Statim, STAT is a common medical abbreviation meaning “immediately”, “urgent” or “rush” and hence often used in last-mile medical logistics solutions. This service offers urgent same-day delivery for healthcare and other time-sensitive deliveries. Today, Velox Express has opened more doors for complementary clients to enjoy reliable and high-quality last-mile delivery services.

Last-mile and Same-Day Delivery

The last-mile delivery is a critical part of any business. Through STAT service, the company improves your relationship with your customers by ensuring secure delivery to the client’s final destination. Velox Express professionals are always ready to provide a cost-effective delivery service that suits your needs. Small and big enterprises including financial institutions, health centers, and government programs, rely on Velox Express to pick and drop their products at any time of the hour. The company attends to on-call deliveries of any business type regardless of size and location.

Your customers expect timely and quality delivery services. Same-Day delivery comes in handy when you have an emergency, and your supplies need to be delivered urgently. Velox serves as a single point of contact for all your courier needs, including the delivery of legal documents, specialty parts, and payrolls. Through proper quality control and measurement, you will be able to minimize cost while enhancing your business.

Choose Velox Express for Dependable Logistics Solutions

Velox Express offers the convenience you need for your business. The company provides personalized customer experience without compromising on the quality. It ensures proper logistics management and consolidation of routes that help customers to save time and money while receiving high service levels.

Velox uses the best technology to help serve you better. The technology makes it easy to dispatch your order immediately it is received. It works to provide customers with real-time delivery information, such as accessing your invoices online and finding a flexible payment method. You will receive proof of delivery through a text message, email, or phone call.

Additionally, Velox Express offers a high level of security by investing in qualified drivers you can trust. All drivers comply with HIPAA, BBP, and TSA regulations. The company ensures they have proper driving records and undergo regular drug tests. Each driver is uniformed with a company identification badge. The drivers are GPS tracked and carry communication devices to offer safe and secure services at all times.

Velox Express has experienced staff to handle any delivery, including confidential packages. It is a brick and mortar company that is committed to offering the best and timely services to its clients. Relax and hire exceptional logistics services that provide stress-free same-Day delivery.

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