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How A Logistics Company Can Help Your Business Expand

How A Logistics Company Can Help Your Business Expand

With many businesses looking to expand their operations, freighting and 3PL companies can help with logistics needs, allowing businesses to focus on expansion.

As businesses conduct day-to-day operations, there is a need to move goods from one location to another. For example, manufacturing companies often need to transport raw materials from different suppliers to one centralized production facility. Following production of the finished consumer products, these manufacturers would then need to deliver the products to consumers’ homes or businesses.

The process of transporting goods from one location to another is referred to as logistics. Given the complex and often specialized nature of logistics, businesses hire logistics companies to perform this transportation in a timely and efficient manner.

What Is a Logistics Company?

A logistics company handles another company’s logistics operations and needs, relieving the company of that complex burden. Logistics companies usually leverage their transportation networks and systems to transport goods across locations efficiently.

A logistics company is also knowledgeable and experienced in handling the different steps and processes involved in transporting goods from one location to another. For example, transporting goods internationally might be more complicated than transporting them locally or across states.

Additionally, shipping dangerous items such as medical specimens, flammable or toxic materials requires an understanding of shipping regulations and safe logistical operations.

Types of Logistics Companies

Although logistics operations involve moving goods from one location to another, logistics companies vary by the processes for which clients hire them. It usually comes down to a client’s needs regarding their logistics operations.

Freighting Companies

Freighting companies could be freight brokers or freight forwarders, both of which move goods for their clients from one location to another. Freighting companies may also operate both locally and internationally.

Freight brokers leverage their relationships with shippers and carriers to transport goods from one destination to another. They usually operate within smaller and more specific international routes and mostly handle shipments originating from the United States.

On the other hand, freight forwarders operate within larger international routes and can handle shipments to multiple international destinations. Freight forwarders also have infrastructure such as warehouses where they can store clients’ goods during transit. Clients often task freight forwarders with the responsibility of re-assembling goods and packing goods as needed.

Freight forwarders are also well-versed with international shipping regulations and processes. As such, they can handle specific processes such as negotiating and booking space for international shipments.

3PL Companies

Third-party logistics (3PL) companies specialize in taking over the logistics operations for clients, including supply chain and inventory management, as well as freighting. They can also take over clients’ distribution processes, allowing clients to focus on growing and expanding their businesses.

3PL companies usually have a well-developed infrastructure that might include warehouses for storage, fleets of trucks, and advanced technology for keeping track of the logistics operations. This infrastructure makes them a good option for both small and large businesses, which might have a range of needs.

Some companies might need to transport their goods locally, while others might require a 3PL company to take over receiving, storing, and transporting large amounts of international shipments across states.

3PL companies also have efficient technology to track last-mile delivery, making them popular with clients. Last-mile delivery is often the most complex part of logistics because of logistics providers’ change as goods travel from one location to another. In some cases, last-mile delivery is affected by connectivity issues, making it difficult for clients to track their goods.

Which Logistics Company Do I Need?

In deciding which company is best suited for your logistics needs, it is best to consider what you are looking to achieve in terms of efficiency, speed, and cost.

Freighting companies could be an option if you are looking to get your goods shipped locally without needing logistics assistance, and on a budget. However, if you are looking for efficient handling of complex shipping operations and higher operational capacity, then a 3PL company is your best option.

VeLOX Express Handles Your Logistics Needs

Formerly Medical Express Delivery, Inc., VeLOX Express is best known as a medical logistics provider specializing in a range of medical logistics solutions. Experienced in medical delivery with an understanding of home medical equipment, VeLOX Express offers services such as medical specimen pick-ups and retail deliveries.

VeLOX Express also prides itself on being the first medical logistics company to be 100% HIPAA compliant. VeLOX Express delivers home medical equipment such as semi-electric beds, wheelchairs, and commodes in a timely manner. With its same-day and expedited services, clients can rest confident in HIPAA certified delivery with GPS tracking.

Beyond medical logistics, VeLOX Express also offers many other logistical solutions.

  • Air Freight or Indirect Air Carrier Service. VēLOX Express is honored to be a TSA approved Indirect Air Carrier (IAC) and can arrange your air cargo to ship regionally, nationally, and internationally on the next flight out – meeting your specialized needs for expedited, long-distance deliveries.
  • Routine Daily Delivery Services – suited for you and your budget, whether you are small or a big name in business. VēLOX Express uses state of the art technology, real-time dispatching, and proof of delivery to meet varying daily needs.
  • STAT Service – timely, professional last-mile delivery.

Contact VeLOX Express for a Quick Quote and to find out the many other ways they can service your logistics needs.

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