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What is Just-in-Time Delivery?

What Is Just-in-Time Delivery?

Online customers expect their deliveries to arrive within a few days of clicking the “Buy” button online. Unfortunately, supply chain disruptions and storage limitations prevent some suppliers from meeting these demands. Just-in-time delivery is a practical way to optimize the logistical landscape of your business.

Keep reading to learn about just-in-time delivery and how it reduces the burdens of supply chain fulfillment. Review the following information, then partner with a trusted delivery service.

What Is the Purpose of Just-in-Time Delivery?

As a business owner, you know that customer demand fluctuates according to current events, trends, and other market influences. If demand for your products is relatively low, you don’t want to pay for costly off-site facilities to store excess inventory.

Just-in-time delivery (JIT) is a supply chain management solution that reduces your company’s overhead and inventory costs. Instead of filling a warehouse with inventory that may gather dust, JIT delivery ships these items directly to the customer.

Example of Just-in-Time Delivery

Suppose you own a factory in Indianapolis, IN, that needs to produce and ship an espresso machine to a customer in Cincinnati, OH.

You communicate the shipping information to your JIT delivery logistics coordinators as soon as you receive the order. They will begin preplanning a time-efficient route to the customer using advanced GPS technology. Meanwhile, your workforce can start assembling the product.

Once your workforce delivers your product to the JIT delivery hub, freight drivers will carefully load and transport the product straight to Cincinnati. Your customer can expect to receive a fresh-off-the-line espresso machine within 48 hours of their order.

Benefits of Just-in-Time Delivery

Just-in-time delivery comes with several advantages.

First, it means saving money on the actual cost of inventory. Instead of manufacturing items, then storing them until customers buy them, you produce items on demand. This reduces the amount of inventory, saving warehouse space. Minimal inventory also saves you money on upkeep and labor by encouraging you to downsize your storage facilities or sell them to other businesses.

The JIT delivery process is fast-paced and relies on route planning software, efficient employees, and demand forecasting – a strategy that helps suppliers predict how much of a product to manufacture and ship within a specific time frame.

Just-in-time delivery means flexibility. Express shipping companies offer experienced freight drivers, shipping supervisors, and dedicated warehouse staff to complete every project on schedule.

JIT delivery is an excellent way to increase productivity and shorten customer delivery time. Employees spend less energy managing warehouse inventories, instead focusing on production.

This method also ensures that customers get brand-new products when needed, improving quality control and customer satisfaction.

Professional Delivery Services from VeLOX Express, Inc.

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