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If you need your parcels delivered in a timely fashion, same day delivery should be considered. Find out what items can be delivered with this courier service.

What Can be Delivered with a Same-Day Delivery Courier?

When you or a customer need something right away, same-day delivery can be a lifesaver. Overnight or two-day shipping can get things into your customers’ hands reasonably fast, but it’s not always the best option or even available for your shipment. Here, we explain what we can deliver on the same day.

What Is a Courier?

A courier service is a premium delivery service that specializes in same-day delivery orders, sensitive shipments, and high-value shipments. Unlike other services, they don’t have a truckload of packages to deliver but rather provide personalized, door-to-door service for their customers. Whether you have a single envelope containing a gift card or a large box of car parts, our delivery partners provide the same level of service and ensure every delivery arrives as quickly as possible.

Another major advantage of a courier service is the ability to ship items that other carriers cannot or will not accept. Most major delivery companies do not provide overnight or express service for packages above a certain weight or size and often charge hefty delivery fees for extra services like guaranteed on-time delivery or special handling. The contents of the package may also limit the level of service; some carriers do not offer express service for items containing batteries or chemicals, for example.

What to Ship with a Same-Day Service

Same-day delivery service is ideal when you need to ship any of the following:


Time-sensitive documents, legal paperwork, medical records, or other materials that need special care. A courier can ensure they reach the right person, keeping them from falling into the wrong hands.

Medical Supplies

Medication, medical supplies, lab specimens and results, and medical devices are often time and temperature sensitive and require same-day delivery.

Industrial Parts and Supplies

From automotive parts that mechanics need to repair customer vehicles to parts for manufacturing, plumbing, heating, construction, and more, same-day delivery keeps businesses on track. Couriers prevent extended slowdowns since they can pick up the part from the local warehouse and deliver it within hours.


Florists, caterers, and other companies that work with perishable items rely on couriers to deliver items while they are still fresh.


An increasing number of e-commerce retailers have started offering same-day local merchandise delivery and contactless delivery as alternatives to curbside pickup to delight their customers. For valuable items like electronics or jewelry, using a courier helps reduce the risk of theft of a package left unattended on the porch.

Trust VELOX Express for Reliable Same-Day Courier Service

Whether you need to transport lab specimens or a gift for a friend, trust the experienced same-day delivery experts of VELOX Express for on-time express delivery services. Our trained and background-checked professionals provide urgent and non-urgent delivery on your schedule, with real-time tracking and tech-enabled insights so you can stay on top of your shipments.

Request a quote online, or call 877-835-6946 to learn more about partnering with us for all your urgent shipping needs.

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