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5 Common Misconceptions About Same-day Courier Services

5 Common Misconceptions About Same-day Courier Services

The lockdown has forced businesses to consider e-commerce and shipping to facilitate operations. One possible solution is a same-day service that delivers within 24 hours of placing the order. Here are some misconceptions about the same-day shipping services for businesses.

# 1. There’s No Demand for Same-day Courier

One misconception entrepreneurs have about courier services is that there’s little demand for same-day deliveries. According to market surveys, 56% of consumers between 18 and 34 expect a same-day delivery option.

Same-day delivery is becoming the norm across many jurisdictions. The 24-hour courier service has changed the expectations. Up to 96% of respondents also equate fast delivery with same-day shipping.

Retail businesses are looking to integrate same-day services to boost their bottom line. AM/PM deliveries are becoming a standard for brick-and-mortar businesses. Therefore, brands can leverage the service to gain a competitive advantage.

# 2. Late Deliveries have a Marginal Impact on Your Business

Market research shows that consumers expect convenience from your business. You can underestimate the impact one or two delays can have on your business. Statistics show 49% of consumers will abandon the Cart if there is no option for same-day deliveries.

The service is critical for time-sensitive packages and perishable products. However, research shows consumers also demand timely deliveries for electronics, flowers, and other commodities.

Younger consumers have high expectations for the ability of your business to deliver on time. The delays will impact your bottom line and your business’ reputation.

# 3. Same-Day Couriers Are Not Reliable

Many entrepreneurs have probably heard some horror stories about courier services. There are cases of deliveries getting lost or arriving days late. An inefficient courier service can be a liability for your business.

But it is worth noting not all couriers are the same. Some providers offer specialized services for specific businesses or packages. The capacity to deliver packages in a time-critical manner can also vary.

Additionally, courier companies today use cutting-edge tools to ensure timely deliveries. The service may include GPS tracking, real-time data, and flexible billing options.

# 4. Your Business Can Handle All Deliveries

Another myth is that the business can easily handle timely deliveries to its clients. You can always use in-house staff for one-time parcels. But reviewing orders, packaging, and delivering to clients has many logistical challenges.

Taking orders is time-consuming and error-prone. You also have to choose the best routes to ensure the goods arrive on time. Your in-house staff will need a lot of experience to minimize mistakes and customer complaints.

Also, due to the complicated logistics of same-day deliveries, expenses can fluctuate depending on the circumstances. On the other hand, an established AM/PM service has the platform and in-house expertise to address logistical challenges. Consider consulting a regional courier service for your peace of mind.

# 5. Same-day Couriers are Expensive

Another common misconception is that same-day services come with a premium charge. But cutting-edge technology has simplified logistics, making it possible for couriers to offer affordable packages.

Unlike parcel companies, same-day courier services seek to build long-term relationships with businesses. Rather than one-size-fits-all packages, they offer different solutions for different types of companies. Affordable pricing is critical for the success of a same-day courier in the long run.

How A Same-Day Courier can Help Your Business

Thanks to the increasing demand for same-day deliveries, the service has become a need for businesses of all sizes. Many retailers offer expedited deliveries, giving the company a competitive edge against its competition.

Most myths on same-day couriers are unfounded. Same-day services offer a variety of packages to facilitate deliveries. Efficient services can help you boost conversion rates and gain the trust of your clients.

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