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4 Costly Courier Mistakes You Should Avoid

4 Costly Courier Mistakes You Should Avoid

For any business owner, package delivery is essential. Timely, professional, and proper packaging is so important. Receiving your package on time will help you run your business well. However, there are various costly couriers’ mistakes that business owners make. Let us get to see some of the common, costly courier mistakes that you should avoid, enhancing the efficiency of your business.

1. Overestmtaing the Time Needed

If you need the package by 5.00 p.m., you need to schedule the delivery from the morning, and when you plan the delivery in the afternoon, the cost will increase by almost 40 percent. Overestimation will cost you, and you might fail to get the package at the needed time.

Various couriers’ services have a variety of delivery services, which include:

  • Economy delivers – Package delivered within six hours after order time.
  • Regular/Four-hour services – they deliver the package within four hours after the time you placed the order.
  • Rush/two-hour service – it takes approximately two hours to pick and deliver the package.
  • On-demand services – after placing the order, you receive the package within one hour.
  • Direct delivery – once you place the order, the courier services send the closest driver to pick up and deliver it, with no other stops in between.
  • Standard service – weekly and daily services are available, and you get the package upon request.

2. Choosing the Wrong Courier Services

When it comes to package delivery, the courier services you choose will determine a lot of things. Unfortunately, many business owners choose courier services and work with a company that does not deliver. Check out the courier service terms and conditions, pricing, and delivery time.

The delivery time should go hand in hand with the time that you need the package. Also, delivery drivers deal with your clients directly, and they can affect your business. Ensure the drivers are patient, cautious, and professional. Additionally, choose a courier service that allows you to track your package online to enhance safety and time delivery. Selecting the wrong courier can be one of the costly courier mistakes you can make because poor delivery services will spoil your relationship with customers.

3. Wrong Packaging

Improper packaging is a costly courier mistake because it will destroy the condition of the packaged product. Also, the packaging you use affects the cost of shipping. Therefore, do not pick any box that you get, carefully check the condition and the size of the box or envelope.

When the packaging box is too big, the courier company will have to put some extra materials in the box to keep the package safe. This will increase the weight of the packaging, making you pay additional costs. Before you ship your package, check out for good packaging boxes and envelopes, or work with a courier company to help you with the packaging.

4. Incorrect Address

This is one of the most common courier mistakes made by business owners. Nevertheless, the mistake is preventable when you are careful. Before dispatching a package for a client, confirm with them to ensure the address is correct.

The wrong address will cost your business because you will either have to send another package and work on retrieving the one delivered to the wrong person. If you are receiving the client’s details electronically, use online verifications that will double-check the address. Be very careful, check the address word by word, and number by number, and save yourself from the stress that comes with delivering a package to the wrong person.


The courier mistakes mentioned above are very costly but avoidable. When you are careful, you will save time, money and have timely deliveries. Ensure you work with a courier service that has professional drivers for smooth delivery experiences.

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