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VēLOX Express, Inc. Announces Its 21st Branch Opening in 2017

Indianapolis, IN-May 4, 2017- VēLOX Express, the innovative and rapidly growing courier company, today celebrates by opening its twenty-first branch in Charleston South Carolina. Leveraging the company’s extra ordinary service platform, VēLOX’s branches continue to be strategically placed as the privately held company continues to grow in the market place.

Started February, 2008 in the garage of the company President, he and two other owners never looked back. VēLOX Express a bold, forward thinking company that cultivated its own course in the medical courier and later other service related industries.

“We are thrilled to open our newest location in Charleston,” said Jim Gibson, VēLOX ‘s CEO. “With personalized customer attention, online dispatching, and nationwide service on small parcels, VēLOX is a great choice for our customers.” It was built, and always has been, a true medical courier but we have grown into many other markets and from paperwork to pallets- we can handle the load.

The Charleston South Carolina opened on May 2, 2017. Other branch openings have been in Ft. Wayne, Indiana; Evansville, Indiana; Lexington, Kentucky; Louisville, Kentucky; Memphis, Tennessee; Nashville, Tennessee; Birmingham, Alabama; Atlanta, Georgia; Jacksonville, Florida; Miami Florida; Tampa, Florida; Charleston, West Virginia; Cincinnati, Ohio; Springfield, Illinois; and its home office in Indianapolis (Greenwood), Indiana.

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