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When Do You Need a Temperature-Controlled Shipping

When Do You Need a Temperature-Controlled Shipping

Situations Requiring Temperature-controlled Shipping

1. When Transporting Medicines and Pharmaceuticals

Professionals in the field of temperature-controlled logistics must consider the condition of the commodities at all levels of the supply chain, from storage and commodity preservation to transporting cargo that is sensitive to temperature changes or varying atmospheric circulation, and finally to the delivery of the product. This vast range of products includes medications, which must be handled with extreme caution. Any alterations to their chemical stability or characteristics might have major health effects on end-users. Pharmaceutical businesses must demonstrate that their medicines are carried through a temperature-controlled supply chain to ensure that these alterations do not transpire. Shipping companies like Vēlox Express are equipped with refrigerated containers, technology regulating air moisture, and qualifications to properly transport all kinds of medical supplies.

2. During Transportation of Electronics

Temperature control is necessary to ensure that some goods arrive in a perfect, original state. Electronics must be sent within a specific temperature range to arrive in a good working condition. Generally, electronics should be kept at room temperature – between 50 and 75 degrees – to prevent batteries from melting and electronic casings from overheating. Larger equipment, such as computers, should be shipped and preserved at 72 degrees. Electronics must not be shipped in extremely cold temperatures to avoid freezing the batteries or cracking the casings. Failure to prepare electronics equipment for temperature and moisture regulation frequently results in dissatisfied customers receiving a flashy, new piece of technology that does not operate.

3. During The Transportation of Perishable Food Items

Everyone understands that fresh food tastes good. Shipping companies have tried for years to overcome this natural occurrence. Caravans and merchants used to pack goods in salt to protect meats and other perishable products from spoiling. Thanks to technical advancements, you can now send vegetables and other perishables at temperatures that preserve them fresh and delightful. Therefore, temperature-controlled shipping is essential when sending fresh food.

4. When Transporting Flowers

A Temperature-controlled truck is an optimum environment for transporting flowers. When limiting exposure of flowers to inappropriate temperatures, the life span of the flower or plant is extended, and the freshness of the flower or plant is preserved. While technically considered produce, Flowers require very specific temperature ranges, rendering them a distinct category. Flowers cannot be refrigerated since the petals will be damaged, yet they can wilt or rot if left in an uncontrolled atmosphere.

5. When Shipping Hazardous Chemicals or materials

Some materials cannot be stored at certain temperatures. When temperatures fall below their freezing point, chemicals coagulate. This increases the risk of containers bursting and spilling. Even when the temperature does not dip below freezing, low temperatures alter the characteristics of a molecule. The viscosity of the liquid decreases. Paint emulsions are harmed by freezing temperatures. It becomes unusable when the consistency gets gritty or clumpy.

Hot temperatures are also harmful to chemicals. In their storage units, vapors develop. The increased pressure from these fumes can trigger the vessel to explode and spill. The bleaching chemical hydrogen peroxide, for example, is volatile and decomposes when hot. When combined with organic substances, it releases oxygen, which self-ignites. Therefore it is crucial to consider Temperature-controlled shipping when transporting hazardous products.

In conclusion,

Temperature-controlled shipment entails a lot of work. It would be best if you did not have to do it alone. Allow Vēlox Express to be your go-to transportation service. You may transfer your valuable goods with confidence when you use Vēlox Express. Vēlox Express has pledged always to use technological advantages to create new supply chain services for their customers. Temperature-controlled shipping is only one of their services to ensure a positive shipping experience.

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