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Sending Liquids by Courier

Sending Liquids by Courier

Whether you need to transport nail polish, alcoholic beverages, or perfume, you may wonder, “Can you ship liquids?” The answer depends on what you need to ship and how you wish to send it. USPS has different laws and regulations than shipping carriers like UPS or FedEx, and you may need to contact a private courier service for certain liquid types.

Below, you’ll learn whether you can ship liquids and how to package liquid shipments properly.

Allowed Liquid Shipments

Mailing and shipping companies categorize liquids by the damage they may cause. Hazardous materials considered corrosive, poisonous, or flammable cannot mail or ship via regular channels.

You can ship safe liquids like:

  • Non-alcoholic perfumes
  • Oils
  • Soups
  • Soaps
  • Juices

Other liquids safe to ship, though only in low quantities, include:

  • Paint
  • Rubbing alcohol
  • Witch hazel
  • Acetone

Liquids that can never ship via regular channels include:

  • Nail polish
  • Bleach
  • Gasoline

Pressurized products like spray paints can ship by ground only because air cabin pressure may cause the shipment to explode on an airplane. You can ship alcoholic beverages so long as you maintain a license as an alcohol shipper.

How To Ship Liquids

Now that you know the answer to “Can you ship liquids?” you need to know the proper steps for packaging and mailing your liquid items. Before you break out the packing materials, research which shipping method works best for your particular item. Trying to ship a product that goes against a carrier’s regulations may incur legal fines.

After you have the all-clear to ship, here’s how to safely package your liquid items:

1. Protect Against Leaks

Use a double seal, like a tab beneath the lid or skin of plastic wrap, to keep your liquids from leaking. Leaking packages may damage other mail or shipments.

2. Choose the Right Box

Cardboard boxes vary in size, thickness, and weight classes, so ensure you choose a sturdy box to carry your item safely. You may place your item in cardboard packaging that reflects its contents or carries your brand to reinforce the safety of your liquid items.

3. Pack Carefully

If you have liquid in glass bottles, make sure you use enough packing materials for safe transport. Packing peanuts create a barrier between your liquid items and the sides of your box, while foam wrap can help strengthen your item against bangs and bumps. Perishable liquids should go in a styrofoam cooler to guard against the elements.

4. Box According to Your Carrier

Your carrier may have packaging rules if you have a shipment of alcohol or self-pressed oils. For example, USPS requires you to triple-pack boxes of liquid products.

Trustworthy Liquid Package Delivery With VeLOX Express, Inc.

Many business owners and personal shippers wonder, “Can you ship liquids?” With the above guidelines, you have what you need to mail liquid packages safely. For extra protection, you can trust VeLOX Express, Inc. to deliver your liquid items worry-free.

Call (877) 835-6946 to learn more about how VeLOX Express, Inc. can transport your liquid items.

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