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Secure Document Courier Service by VeLOX Express

The journey of VeLOX Express to become a secure document courier.

Previously known as Medical Express Delivery Inc, the company was a leader and respected provider for medical logistics. Today the company is still involved with medical logistics, and many clients always enjoy the other efficient services of VeLOX Express. With medical deliveries accounting for 80% of the VeLOX Express business, the company also serves clients looking for a secure document courier service.

Background about VeLOX Express and their dedicated team.

Every member of the VeLOX Express team is trained and certified per HIPAA & OSHA regulations. Also, the Transportation Security Administration requirements are met by the delivery team at VeLOX Express.

VeLOX Express is dedicated to the goal of 100% compliance to eliminate any potential fines and liabilities that come with failing to meet the required standards. VeLOX Express takes patient confidentiality seriously and ensures that Protected Health Information remains confidential.

VeLOX Express, a leader and the respected company, is providing solutions in medical logistics.

Apart from home infusions, retail deliveries, LTC pharmacy work, and picking up medical specimens, VeLOX Express has extensive knowledge for home medical equipment. The company boasts of picking up, delivering, and setting up equipment such as wheelchairs, walkers, oxygen concentrators, canes, semi-electric beds, etc.

VeLOX Express was the first firm in the United States dealing with medical logistics to comply and operate according to the HIPAA regulations. The company also operates by fully abiding by the confidentiality of patients and Protected Health Information security.

VeLOX Express is providing secure document courier service.

If you require secure document courier service, VeLOX Express provides solutions for delivering documents across the United States. For individual or company documents that are essential, high worth, or pressing, VeLOX Express uses multimodal systems that have been integrated with the latest techniques for their services.

With a support team trained and certified, the company recognizes that secure document courier services require expertise. Adhering to confidentiality, our delivery team ensures that your document remains in our possession the entire time until delivery to the client.

VeLOX Express also provides secure document courier service for documents desired to be delivered on the same day. Be it medical documents, legal documents, or government documents, VeLOX Express ensures that the client’s desires and needs are met, be it same-day delivery or not. The client is also assured of a timely secure document courier services when they choose to work with VeLOX Express.

Secure and timely document courier services.

With VeLOX Express document courier service, the client can keep tabs on their package as the parcel is always tracked. The time and destination for delivery are also specified for the client and keep them lined from blame if something goes wrong throughout the delivery process.

If you need to ensure that your documents get to their destination on time, choose a secure document courier like VeLOX Express. For same-day delivery of urgent documents, VeLOX Express provides you with fast, safe, and secure document courier services to meet these demands.

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