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Medical Specimen Delivery: Why A Reliable Logistics Company Matters

Safety should be the number one priority of any logistics company when transporting medical supplies and devices. As the highest level of care should be maintained in life and death situations, it is imperative that you choose a company that delivers what they promise-fast and reliable service. When it comes to transporting confidential and sensitive medical-related items, medications, lab work, equipment, supplies, and medical specimens, a logistics company that can handle these items with care is necessary.

Drivers have to follow strict rules and regulations regarding the chain of custody. Without proper training and knowledge about the proper way of handling medical supplies, equipment, and devices, you will be exposing these items to all sorts of risks. This is why you need to take the time to do your research in hiring a qualified and experienced professional to take care of your medical deliveries.

The basic qualities of a trustworthy logistics company

Keep in mind that your delivery team will be handling items that require real-time monitoring and tracking. The reason your dispatch team needs to closely monitor these parcels is to make sure that they reach the intended recipient in their expected condition. A dependable logistics company should be equipped with a tracking technology that enables the dispatch team to check the status of the delivery.

Each journey must be monitored to find out if the items are still in good hands. A medical logistics team that is aware of the importance of a secure and safe chain of custody will give you peace of mind because you are assured that each and every process is in order. From email confirmations up to the verification process, the logistics company must keep track of the parcel in real-time.

HIPAA Certified

Entrusting your medical supplies and devices to a random logistics company is not a good idea. Just because a company specializes in delivering parcels does not necessarily mean that they can handle all aspects of delivery management. Medications, medical supplies, devices, and specimens should only be handled by a professional who has received proper training to do the job. When searching for a logistics company, be sure that they are HIPAA certified. These certifications ensure that sensitive health information is protected. If a logistics company is not HIPAA certified, they are not compelled into safeguarding sensitive data.

With HIPAA, a logistics company will be required to adhere to the following regulations:

  • Patients have the authority to control their information including who it can be shared with and released to.
  • Health care organizations have the right to control who can gain access to sensitive health information.
  • All of the information that has been disclosed to health plans and healthcare providers should be stored, transmitted or created are subject to strict security regulations and controls.

However, you should keep in mind that there are still cases of HIPAA breaches. These violations are often penalized depending on the level of negligence committed.

Some of the violations that can subject a healthcare provider or any related organizations to further investigation include mishandling of medical record, unauthorized access to patient information, disclosure of confidential information, texting patient information, posting the photos of patients on social media and many others. These breaches can be prevented by providing training to medical employees.

A trustworthy logistics company should put patients first. That said, medical logistics company must demonstrate exemplary qualities which include professionalism and compassion. They should also understand that the situation is unique to each patient. A background in customer service is essential in dealing with customers as you need to make patients feel comfortable. Patients are your top priority no matter the transaction.

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