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Quality Assured Logistics Service Providers

Quality Assured Logistics Service Providers

Logistics is a global business. Whether shipping locally, regionally or sending it across the sea, logistics is the main carrier for all the products shipped and received. Ultimately, as consumers, not much thought goes into the logistics of the products ordered online. But major companies only operate in the realm of producing and shipping.

Logistics service providers can be easy to come by, but the quality of their service is most important. There are many ways to ensure you are using the right service provider. Whether off the strength of a referral, or doing a little personal digging, there are some universal qualities of a good service provider.

Velox Express offers various services. Most importantly, they are a logistic service provider. There are several qualities that ensure the best possible service from a highly rated service provider. Among those qualities are the standard background checks and drug tests. These essentially ensure the moral capacity at which your service provider operates. Along with that, Velox verifies the driving records of each individual service provider.

Along with personal requirements per individual, Velox also enforces the need for certain certifications and training to continue the extension of quality service. Service providers must be HIPAA certified. They are also BBP trained as well as TSA approved. Velox goes the extra mile to ensure the uniformity of their service providers with company uniforms and identification. Velox Express also uses GPS tracking coupled with the latest technology to ensure the most reliable and fastest communication.


Velox Express offers quality logistics services across the country. They even offer air freight services through a third party to ensure all logistical needs are met. Velox is proud to have all of their service providers trained and certified. They meet HIPAA and OSHA standards and guidelines. They also ensure TSA requirements are met. They screen individual backgrounds. They also provide drug tests as well as a variety of other tests to ensure the health of the service providers. They also go as far as to provide training on TB awareness and skin tests, infectious disease control, as well as the chain of custody and client-specific paperwork. They strive to maintain 100% compliance in all aspects including patient confidentiality where health information is involved. Though Velox Express started as a strictly medical transportation company, they have advanced and progressed into different areas of logistics. Now approximately 20% of their business is dedicated to other logistical needs.

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