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Inside Delivery vs. White Glove Delivery

Inside Delivery vs. White Glove Delivery

Shipping expensive and fragile items can be risky without investing in superior delivery services. Quality is essential whether you’re selling something to a customer or sending a care package to a loved one. Fortunately, white glove delivery services can eliminate your worries.

In this article, you’ll learn the difference between inside and white glove delivery. Consider the benefits of each service, then schedule your shipment at a courier office near you.

What Is Inside Delivery?

Some products are vulnerable to outside elements. Snow, humidity, and rain can reduce the overall quality of your delivery without the proper care. Inside delivery is a great way to avoid these problems by dropping the entire freight off directly at the customer’s location.

If you live in a residential or commercial building, you can expect the package on your doorstep, porch, or atrium. Inside delivery also allows you to request freight deliveries on different floors (potentially with additional charges).

Benefits of Inside Delivery

Inside delivery is ideal for large-quantity shipments. The driver will unload the entire freight in a convenient location. This way, you won’t need to drive anywhere to collect your items.

Additionally, this service improves customer retention rates by ensuring the package is safe and secure upon delivery.

What Is White Glove Delivery?

White glove shipping services provide an extra layer of care when transporting items across the country. Consider investing in this method if you plan to send glass items, medical equipment, luxury materials, and more. Those who provide white glove services inspect the package before it goes out and once it arrives at the recipient’s door.

Customers can feel confident in their delivery, knowing that their items come with personalized protective packaging materials and transportation.

Benefits of White Glove Delivery

White glove delivery ensures that every item you ship arrives without dents, cracks, holes, or breaks. Unlike conventional private delivery services, professionals pay meticulous attention to detail when monitoring a shipment. Customers can enjoy outstanding communication and regular updates from their delivery company.

Which Service Is Best?

Both solutions offer plenty of benefits to enjoy. White glove delivery may yield the most benefits if you are comfortable paying slightly higher upfront fees for your package. However, inside delivery services are a great way to safely transport bulk products without worry.

A professional distributor can discuss your options and help you determine the right solution.

Reliable Shipping From VeLOX Express, Inc.

Do you worry that your shipments may not survive transportation? VeLOX Express takes the time to assess each item properly before sending it out for delivery.

The dedicated professionals at VeLOX Express have years of experience tracking, protecting, and delivering products of all sizes. Online retailers trust the VeLOX team for its problem-solving skills and fast services. VeLOX values your business, which is why you can enjoy honest communication before, during, and after shipping.

Schedule white glove delivery service with a reliable company. Contact VeLOX Express in Greenwood, IN. Ask about delivery times at (877) 835-6946.

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