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Courier Service vs Postal Service: What’s the Difference?

Many businesses think their best option for customer deliveries is the postal service. Because it’s what they’ve always done.

In the past, courier services were more expensive and harder to use.

Things have changed a lot over the past decade or so.

With big changes to customer expectations and the nature of commerce, it’s time to revisit the comparison between the two. Here, we break down the difference between them so you can decide which best meets your needs.

Which to Choose: Courier or Post?

In reality, both serve a purpose, and we’re lucky to live in a country where both are relatively affordable and reliable.

Let’s have a look at each in turn.

Courier Service

For the small businesses and online businesses of today, there are some real advantages to choosing courier services. With globalized online sales, all types of companies now regularly ship products as a core part of their business.

Customer reviews have never been so crucial to business success.

Few people will buy a product with a review of 3 stars or less. Companies can’t afford a few late postal service deliveries. It can cost them future sales.

When to Choose a Courier Service

There are times to choose a courier service and times to go with the national post service.

Courier services are best used:
– when you need to track the product you are sending
– when it is crucial that it arrive by a set date
– sensitive deliveries, especially if involving medical supplies and samples

Postal Service

The postal service is vital national service, and we’re lucky ours is mostly reliable.

Sending physical invitations and letters are still best done by postal service. And while the package service offered by national post is still pretty reliable, it can get costly.

It is much less reliable than courier when sending internationally. Why? Because the national post in other countries is notoriously unreliable.

Your letter or package can be reliably tracked and move quickly within national borders. It may slow down – or disappear entirely, once it crosses an international border.

When to Choose the Postal Service

There will be times where using USPS is the best choice for you. Some examples of when USPS is the best option include:

– when delivery time is not business-critical
– when you don’t need to track the item securely
– when cost is not an issue
– when you don’t need to ship internationally

– when items you are sending cannot be considered hazardous

So there you have it – both have their upsides.

If you’re operating a business where you need to get products to customers quickly and securely, every time, there is a clear winner…

And the Winner Is – A Specialized Logistics Provider!

As we’ve seen, using a such a service is the definitive business hack for today’s business.

If your business needs reliable, time-sensitive and/or specialized delivery, a courier service is the only way to go.

In a world where customer reviews can make or break your business model, you shouldn’t be gambling with a postal service.

To get some quotes on a reliable, time-sensitive courier service, check out our website or give us a call today!

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