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5 Reasons to Use a Local Delivery Service

An average 506.4 million pieces of mail are processed and delivered by the United States Postal Service each day. UPS, DHL, and FedEx handle a similar daily volume.

There is a desire for a local service due to exclusive services and benefits despite attractive options offered by major shipping companies. This article will give you five reasons why a local delivery service is a better option for those that want timely, safely-handled packages.

There in a Jiffy: Local Delivery Service Rocks!

You have a range of options for same-day or next-day delivery through the major parcel carriers. Yet, what if the item is urgent such as a legal document or medical supplies? This is where you turn to a local delivery service.

A local delivery service (couriers) combine speed and affordability as an alternative for clients. Besides speed and affordability — there are other included benefits of local delivery:


Local services provide customized courier options for weight and size requirements. Customization also includes delivery time and insurance.

Couriers ship mostly via car and van, but can arrange large truck and air deliveries depending on your needs. This customization lowers the pricing and transit time when compared to the line process done at large parcel carriers.


Some couriers include a reward program which introduces discounts for loyalty. Reward programs may also include referral programs to earn part of the profit or to apply extra discounts on orders.


Items in need of shipping are picked up on location and dropped off through a single carrier. This benefits the shipper via peace of mind knowing they are specialized in the shipping specifications for orders. It also creates confirmation the item is transferred securely to the intended destination.


Most courier services are available all-day, every day as part of their service package. There are no blackout dates which removes the troublesome aspects of time-sensitive requirements.

Personal relationships are developed between courier and client which improves trust and dedication which increases availability from the carrier.


Large shipping fleets, reliance on fulfillment centers, and daily pickups from postal services are a major business cost. Courier services are flexible in nature, so you only pay for services needed, not large overheads.

Costs are often lower compared to large carrier rate spikes for time-sensitive shipping.

These benefits of a local delivery service are obtainable through the right company. You’re now thinking…

How Does It Work?

Velox Express specializes in delivery fulfillment for the pharmaceutical and healthcare industries, as well as any time-sensitive deliveries. Once a business has contacted us, we proceed to match delivery needs with trained, experienced drivers within the metropolitan areas we service.

Our focus includes:

  • Home infusion & health
  • Payroll pickup and delivery
  • Pickup and delivery of parts where needed by technicians in the field
  • Delivery of goods to customers before closing time
  • Deliveries for labs
  • Team courier for hospitals & blood banks
  • Medical supplies and equipment

We’re located throughout the South-East U.S. offering local and regional delivery services. Get in touch to learn how we can help you take your business to the next level with outstanding local delivery services.

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