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5 Reasons Why Your Business Should Offer Expedited Shipping

5 Reasons Why Your Business Should Offer Expedited Shipping

Roughly 75% of people are willing to pay more money for expedited shipping.

That’s a huge market you’re missing out on if your business is stuck with normal delivery times.

But there are a lot of other reasons to switch your business over to faster shipping as well.

Take a look at this quick list of benefits that come from having fast shipping.

What is Expedited Shipping

When a business offers expedited shipping, that means it will ship items faster than normal deliveries.

Each company has a different definition of exactly how fast this shipping actually is, but it usually means a customer will receive their item within one to three days.

Customers like fast shipping a lot, and there are several reasons you should add this shipping option to your business.

1. A Lot of Items Require Fast Shipping

This isn’t just things like perishable foods or fragile items. A lot of normal items, like technology items and books, need fast shipping as well.

Sometimes customers are on a time limit. For example, they may have to go to a wedding on a certain date, and they need the accessories they ordered to arrive before that date.

Adding fast shipping for normal items like clothes and energy products can actually open your company up to more business. People will be able to buy things in a quick timeframe they would normally have to buy somewhere else.

2. You’ll Lose Money Without It

You may not have even thought of this, but all those customers who need fast delivery are currently spending their money somewhere else.

If you don’t add any fast shipping options, they’ll keep spending their money somewhere else.

Without fast shipping options, you’re losing money you didn’t even know about.

3. You’ll Make More Money With It

First of all, you’ll make more money from the people who can buy more items on a tight schedule. But you’ll also make more money from normal customers as well.

Most people are willing to pay extra money to get faster shipping. That means you can charge more for a faster shipping option and 3/4 of your customers will pay for it.

4. There is Less Chance of Damage or Loss

Because expedited shipping is so much faster than normal shipping, it has fewer touch points. This means the package is handled less than normal packages, reducing the risk of it getting broken or lost.

Customers also get a guaranteed delivery date. They know when their package will be arriving and they know they won’t have to deal with poor customer service.

5. It Directly Benefits Your Company

Fast shipping benefits your business because it will actually lower your inventory costs. Items are shipped faster, which means they aren’t taking up precious space.

It also provides your business with greater scheduling flexibility.

Adding Expedited Shipping Options Keeps Your Business Booming

People want their items delivered quickly, and they are willing to pay extra money for it if you’ll let them. Adding fast shipping options to your company will save you money and at the same time boost your business.

Need help finding a fast shipping option? Reach out to us and we’ll help get your deliveries where they need to be.

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