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4 Telltale Signs Your Business Needs an Expedited Shipping Service

The United States Postal Service delivers 493.4 million pieces of mail every day. That’s an average of 20.6 million each hour, 342,638 per minute and 5,711 mail pieces processed every second.

The USPS has been in operation since 1775. It’s a great system for getting letters and packages across the globe. However, for many businesses, traditional mail is just not cutting it.

Here are four signs that your business needs an expedited shipping service.

1. If Theft is a Concern

Almost 11 million U.S. homeowners have had a package stolen within the past year.

Theft is a nuisance for any company. In fact, online retailers lose half a percent of their annual revenue to fraud. On average, 36% of this fraud is due to stolen and lost merchandise.

If you need to transport sensitive information, theft is an even greater concern. Legal documents, specialty parts, payrolls and high-ticket items should be sent via expedited delivery service.

This type of delivery avoids multiple cross-docks transferring freight. The cargo is not shipped with other products.

Cargo theft is a concern, especially around the busy holiday season. When parcels are left unattended for long periods of time, the risk for theft goes way up.

Expedited delivery services use approved carriers and team drivers to ensure that your product gets to the right person safely. Carriers have GPS tracking and have the latest management tools such as electronic signatures and email notifications.

2. If You Offer Delivery Guarantees

With monolithic retailers like Amazon dominating the online retail space, consumers expect fast and on-time delivery.

In fact, a study found that 69% of respondents are much less likely to shop with a specific retailer again if their package doesn’t arrive within 2 days of the date promised. Your business can’t afford to lose the majority of your customers to late deliveries.

Delays sometimes occur somewhere along the supply change. Setbacks can’t always be predicted. That’s where an expedite delivery service can come in to ensure on-time delivery.

Sometimes, packages fall off or get left behind on a pallet after your truck has left the building. Expedited service can work with you to recover the product and deliver it by the expected due date.

3. If you Use Machinery

If you rely on machinery to get your job done, you might want to consider expedited shipments for replacement parts.

When machinery stops working, each minute is costing you money lost in wasted productivity. Sometimes the parts you need are specialty parts that aren’t available locally.

You can get the part to you as soon as possible with air transport or a direct cargo van.

4. If you Need Reliable Pick Up Service

Does your company ever need to pick up shipments outside of regular business hours? Or do you need to deliver temperature-sensitive products?

If so, you should consider using an expedited shipping service that offers 24/7/365 pick up and delivery options.

Expedited Shipping Service

Like the adage goes, time is money. In today’s competitive landscape, on-time, reliable expedited shipping service can be the difference between a repeat customer and a bad review of your company.

When you need important items delivered quickly and securely, VELOX Express is there. Contact us for more details.

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