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Hi Larry,

I just wanted to let you know that I received an excellent report on your new courier calling on one of our hospitals (name withheld). I recently met with the Lab Director and Send-Out Supervisor. They both complimented him on his courtesy and patience.

Thanks for the Good Service.

Bob Y., Regional Service Representative
Mayo Reference Services/Mayo Medical Laboratories


You are quite welcome. It is an honor to be the courier chosen for such a prestigious account and your remarks are greatly appreciated. The high level of professionalism that MML holds their couriers to has made us much better laboratory and medical specimen couriers. Thank you for the incredible training Mayo has provided us.

Larry Lee, VP Operations
VēLOX Express


Our dedicated VēLOX Express driver (Jim K.) delivers for us every Monday, Wednesday and Friday morning. He is always punctual, pleasant and patient. He never complains, even if we overload him with 20 huge bags to deliver. I'm always confident that he will be professional and friendly when he makes his deliveries.

Lisa H., RPh, PIC
BioScrip Pharmacy, Indianapolis, IN


Thank you for the kind words. Jim K is a definite asset to VēLOX Express.

Larry Lee, VP Operations
VēLOX Express


"VēLOX Express is the most dependable courier service we have ever used. When shipping with VēLOX Express, I always know the package will arrive on time."

Greg K., Pharm. D., BCNSP
Nutrishare Operations Manager, Louisville, KY

"After exhausting two attempts with the biggest names in the courier industry to deliver a vital medical treatment to a patient in Kansas City, MO, this client called VēLOX Express to make it happen. VēLOX Express picked up the shipment in Louisville, KY on a Sunday afternoon and delivered it to Kansas City, MO that Sunday night. 522 miles and 9 hours later, the patient had his shipment"