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Velox is a recognized leader in shipping medical supplies and equipment logistics. Our success is related to our expertise and knowledge in the industry. We recognize the special handling prerequisites of delicate medical equipment, and take special attention to ensure the safety of the shipment. The result is on-time, damage-free deliveries, and the utmost customer satisfaction in the business.

We understand the importance of what you're shipping and the outlay you've made in critical medical equipment. Professional delivery drivers have the experience to make sure your medical equipment shipping is dependable and worry-free. We have a considerable and varied fleet that can handle the most delicate and particular medical equipment that may require specialized equipment for safe transportation.

We're proud of our fleet, but we know you'll need more than the right vehicle to get your medical supplies from point A to point B. Therefore, we have trained professionals working with you every step of the way. Velox works with your business to design a transportation strategy that fits your financial plan and transit timetables. Our Delivery Service Agents take your shipment personally, and we monitor your delivery 24/7/365 so you are free to spend time on other important phases of your business.

Velox Medical Delivery Services

The ever-changing healthcare market demands proficiency and innovation in its logistics team partner. In the pharmaceuticals sector, dependability and promptness are crucial, and partnerships between manufacturers, hospitals, and courier providers are essential. Velox has vast experience in the healthcare industry, which gives us unsurpassed knowledge of new techniques, products, and regulations. Velox plans and implements centralized transportation outsourcing solutions for retail pharmacies, infusion pharmacies, infusion facilities, nuclear medicine, long-term care facilities, and hospice facilities. We help you improve and regulate service, reduce costs, and focus on primary goals.

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