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When every minute means that one more life can be protected, time becomes the nemesis. Velox understands that facilitating deliveries on time is imperative, because patients' lives are at risk. Our lab delivery and logistics services provide time-critical answers for your same-day completion requirements such as lab runs, medical records, blood, specimens, etc.

We give laboratories the answers to consolidate service questions, how to optimize efficiencies, and how to stay under budget by providing custom delivery solutions. Because the healthcare industry never sleeps, neither do we. Velox offers direct pickup and delivery 24/7/365.

In an industry that relies heavily on same-day deliveries, we know that you cannot test specimens until they arrive safely, timely, and in good order. All couriers are trained in compliance with OSHA, HIPPA, the Joint Commission, HAZMAT, Blood-borne Pathogens Program prerequisites, and laboratory requirements. Velox also provides emergency, STAT and routine delivery service for temperature-controlled specimens, life-saving organs, tissue, and various blood products.

Velox enables laboratories to support the changing needs of their provider customers by managing the entire delivery and logistics element of your lab. Our state-of-the-art courier technology combined with our industry-leading delivery program has proven to be the combination for those companies that have the demanding needs of the healthcare industry.

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