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The fastest-growing segment of our company is the home health care delivery market. Velox realizes that managing your medical condition takes enough of your time. That's why we make receiving the supplies and products you need as fast and easy as possible.

We deliver thousands of medical products to patients at home from various distribution centers in our delivery areas. Velox is committed to demonstrating concern, care, and compassion for patients, family caregivers, and health care specialists. We support patients in following their prescribed plan of care by ensuring they receive the products they need when they need them, and encouraging patient compliance with physician orders for better outcomes. We are committed to continually redefining the highest standard of care through customer service, expertise, and innovation.

Velox provides trained transportation experts working with through the entire delivery process. When transporting medical products to the home, it is important that your drivers are well-trained and embody your company professionally. Velox understands this requirement. We can eliminate your corporate risks by providing professionally trained in-house delivery drivers. Velox manages a staff of professional trainers for ongoing driver training to constantly maintain a full understanding of medical standards and procedures. What distinguishes Velox from other delivery competitors is that we understand the importance of privacy and safety. Our staff is trained to care for your products during shipping. Confidentiality is our highest priority. Velox operates 24/7/365 offering a variety of time-critical delivery methods, giving you peace of mind that your shipments are delivered safely, on-time, all the time.

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