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VēLOX Express would like to recognize a significant development that has occurred within our organization. We are proud to announce that every member of our team is now trained and certified in HIPAA & OSHA guidelines as well as Transportation Security Administration (TSA) requirements. Our commitment to maintaining 100% compliance is a commitment we made in April 2003 and continue to uphold today. VēLOX Express will not waiver on our goal of 100% compliance. We are certain that our dedication to training and compliance will eliminate the potential fines and liabilities associated with failing to meet these standards. We take Patient Confidentiality very seriously and work hard every day to ensure all Protected Health Information (PHI) remains private and confidential.

VēLOX Express would like to thank you for your continued support. We appreciate your confidence and will continue to work extremely hard every day to retain it.

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VēLOX Express is more than a one-stop medical courier service shop. The business plan was carefully constructed through years of devoted operations, insightful acquisitions, and of course, visionary partners, who remain vital to the VēLOX growth.